Hydro Massage Products, LLC • 888.409.8860 • www.HydroMassageProducts.com Our customers’ experiences are what keep us doing what we do. Their pain relief and satisfaction is our purpose. “I love it! Wish I could live in it.” “My pain is gone while I’m in the hot jets.” “I must admit I was skeptical, but have found the oxygen soak helps my circulation, skin, and pain.” “I can honestly say Hydro Massage exceeded my expectations in all aspects of our purchase.” “Your personal touch was very welcoming — thank you!” “Ahhhhh. Relief.” ➙ ➙ ➙ ➙ ➙ Choose your massage experience When we say we care about your health and wellness, we mean it. That’s why we offer you the choice of bathing experience that fits your wants and needs. Heated Oxygen Soaking Bath New anti-aging technol- ogy for silky smooth skin and deep relaxation. Combination Water/Air Jetted Bath The best of both worlds — both air and water jets Air Massage Jetted Bath Air jets arranged to pro- vide massage in all the right places Water Massage Jetted Bath Powerful water jets strategically placed for invigorating massage Heated Soaking Bath Gently circulating heated water that keeps your bath warm