Hydro Massage Products, LLC • 888.409.8860 • www.HydroMassageProducts.com How to use this brochure At Hydro Massage Products, we strive to provide the ultimate in hydrotherapy options with the highest quality of craftsmanship on the market today. Our goal is to give you the choices to maximize your health and wellness while adding to the beauty and function of your space. We truly believe we can create the bath of your dreams. Bath Models: Our freestanding baths come in many different models, and each model type has a name (for example, The Catalina). There are rectangular, oval, and round shapes. We also feature acrylic and structural stone baths. One model may have multiple sizes, and each size will have its own page in the brochure. Size options: This brochure is arranged by the length of the bath, starting with 72” long. The size is indicated in the Table of Contents on the next page, and on the individual page. Packages and Massage Options: Each Hydro Massage bath comes with its own package, which includes the jet configuration, massage options, and available accessories on that particular bath. Our signature massage options give you choices of how you want to experience your bath. These include: • Combination Water/Air Jetted Bath – Both water and air bubbles working together • Water Massage Jetted Bath – powerful water jets strategically placed • Air Massage Jetted Bath – powerful air jets strategically placed • Heated Oxygen Soaking Bath – New technology increases oxygen through microscopic bubbles • Heated Soaking Bath – gently circulating heated water Jets: Each package lists massage options. The letter and number listed after the word “Combination” or “Water” or “Air” indicates the type of jet and the number of jets. For example, “Combination C43 Jet Massage” means 43 jets, some of which are air jets and some of which are water jets. “Air A18 Jet Massage” means there are 18 air jets on the bathtub, and “Water H9 Jet Massage” means 9 water jets are included on the bathtub. Drain Packages: Each bath indicates a specific drain package (ie. Drain Package #1). To see what is included in each drain package, see page 56. So, dive in, look through our models and start your wish list. We love to listen to your plans and dreams, so don’t hesitate to call us for design help. We think you’ll love the possibilities, and we know you’ll love our baths!