Hydro Massage Products, LLC • 888.409.8860 • www.HydroMassageProducts.com The Tahoe’s beautiful pedestal adds charm and personality to your decor. Roomy enough for two at a full 6 feet long and choices in width, with options you choose for air jets, water jets, or a combination of both. If you’ve been waiting to design the bath of your dreams, The Tahoe can make them come true now. The Tahoe Pedestal 72” x 42” x 27” 18” 72” 110° 110° 27” 72” 9.5” 43” 36” 42” 29” at bottom 33” at top 4” Massage Options (Choose one): • Combination C43, C30 or C21 Jet Massage • Water H25, H12 or H9 Jet Massage • Air A34, A18 or A12 Jet massage • Heated Oxygen Soak Bath • Heated Soaking Bath Access: 1-2 required Options (Choose bathtub only or add these features): • Bathtub • Cozy Heat Backrest • Hydro Sounds music • Chromatherapy lighting • Cushion headrest pillow • Remote air pump Faucet: • Deck Mount or Floor mount • Access Panel optional for deck faucet • Floor mount verify spout distance Drain Package #1: See page 56 Specifications subject to change without notice. Verify on current product specification sheet. 9 ❖ ● Faucet Access Panel Colors: White or Biscuit ❖ Equipment Access Panel