Hydro Massage Products, LLC • 888.409.8860 • www.HydroMassageProducts.com 58 Eco Bond Quiet Foam Insulation Our exclusive Eco Bond Green Foam Insulation reduces pump noise, improves hot water retention while reducing your energy consumption and cost, and is environmentally friendly by utilizing a renewable resource. Hand-held Water Massage Jet Add a hand-held jet to your water massage bath. Chromatherapy The different color frequencies of our six colored lighting system provide a therapeutic experience of its own. Chromatherapy helps calm or stimulate based on energy frequencies of the light. Hydro Sounds Hook up your Bluetooth music to your bath to play soft, peaceful music that makes you feel like you are in your very own spa — which you are! Variable Flow Neck Massage Pillow Our bath pillow offers a relaxing massage for the neck from two pulsating jets, while conforming to your body with a soft and comfortable feel. Sushi Roll Up Pillow 11” x 16” gel body cushion can be positioned in multiple ways for comfort to your neck, back or legs. Deluxe Cushion Pillow Comfortable, handmade vinyl pillow you can remove or attach with section cups when you need to rest your head. Enhance Bath & Skin Conditioner Re-hydrate and nourish your skin with our Enhance Bath and Skin Conditioner. In addition, it reduces cleaning and maintenance of your bath surface, jets and internal plumbing by reducing bio residual. Enhance Soak in Vitamins Aromatherapy Enjoy and customize your bathing experience with one of our three different recipes, formulated with natural fragrances, vitamins and minerals to address stress, pain and anti-aging. Optional Accessories