Dealer Specifications

Series codes:

CP: Combo Plat | CG: Combo Gold | CS: Combo Silver
AP: Air Plat | AG: Air Gold | AS: Air Silver
HP: Hydro Plat | HG: Hydro Gold | HS: Hydro Silver
SS: Soothing Soak | TO: Bathtub Only

Dropin/Alcove Specifications:

Freestanding Specifications:


Free Standing Price BookPDFA shorter version of our Product Brochure
Drop in Price BookPDFPricing information
Free Standing BrochurePDFA full color brochure showing our Freestanding Baths.
Drop in BrochurePDFA shorter version of our Product Brochure
Owner’s Manual & Installation GuidePDFHydro Massage Products Baths
Back Massage FlyerPDFA flyer showing the benefits of Hydro Massage Jets on the Back.
Eco Bond Foam Insulation FlyerPDFA flyer describing this exclusive natural foam insulation.
EZ Clean Tile Flange FlyerPDFA flyer describing our EZ Clean Tile Flange.
Reflexology Foot Massage FlyerPDFA flyer showing all the trigger points on the foot.
Ultra Clean Plumbing FlyerPDFA flyer describing our unique Plumbing System.
Sales Terms and ConditionsPDFInformation concerning your purchase.
WarrantyPDFInformation concerning your purchase.
Service Order Work Request*PDFINTERACTIVE PDF*: Open Form and enter in details of the issues with the bath. Click
Submit and Hydro Massage will contact owner within 2 days.
Marketing Materials Order Form*PDFINTERACTIVE PDF*: Check which materials are needed. Click Submit and Hydro Massage
will process the order.
Request for RGAPDFInformation concerning your purchase.
Sample Order FormPDFInformation concerning your purchase.

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