Google Reviews
Google Reviews

“Ron was great to work with. I called several times asking many questions, and he answered them all, plus provided additional information. Customer service is great.”


“We want to give Hydro Message a shout-out for making our “dream” bathroom a reality! The whole process, from ordering to delivery, was just as promised.”

“Thanks, Ron, for helping us with our tub selection. Since we live in a rural area, finding your selection online was great. You were so helpful guiding us through the process and we had full confidence we had arrived at the right tub for us!”


“This was a big project and we were a little skeptical ordering a tub, just by photos online. Everything was just as described and we couldn’t be happier with the tub. The delivery time was just as quoted and we actually, received our custom tub, faster than our stock cabinets from a big box store! Thank you for making this big project a little easier!”

Dan & Kim Hunt

“We use the Enhance, it’s a product you can add to your tub that helps soften your skin and also keeps the jets clean. We also use the Hydro Clean as well, that we flush through the system once a week and it keeps those jets clean and keeps it smelling fresh.”

“I am so thrilled with my new bathtub. It is exactly what I dreamed of. The air jet features and Revive oxygen system exceeded my expectations.”


“The Revive System you installed is one of a kind. I not only sleep better, I have really soft skin from it without the dryness I used to have.”


“I want to tell you how much we enjoy and love our Hydro Massage tub. My husband has juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, which causes chronic pain, and the mornings are the worst time. In the mornings his pain level is probably an 8 or 9. After a good 20 minutes in the tub, he can move again, usually it drops the pain down to a 4. Being able to relieve some of that stiffness and get moving is huge. He’ll use it at nighttime in order to ease away the tension or the stress of the day so he can relax and go to bed. We use it twice a day most days, it is well loved and well used.”


I could not believe the difference the tub made with my arthritis. Thank you so much!! You are the best to work with — even long distance.”

Gloria Sacco

“This tub is great for body aches and pain. I have fibromyalgia and it helps me tremendously. I love my tub with custom jets, and extra shoulder and foot jets.”

R. Dominguez

First time: A BAD Experience.

We built our home in 2015, and as many construction projects go, our expenses quickly went over budget. As final selections were made, we made a decision to select a bathtub we found on The price was about $2,000 less than models we had priced locally, and it seemed like a great way to save money and help the construction budget. It was a nice looking tub, and also had jets which was a feature we really wanted to have. Initially, the tub seemed fine, although the jets were placed so high that the water would spray out of the tub unless they were pointed directly down. After a few months, when we used the jets, they began to spew a gross black mildew into the tub. Even with regularly cleaning the jets, the problem would re-occur every few months. After about two years, the water pump failed, and since there was no access panel, it was virtually impossible to fix the broken pump. We’ve also had the faucets become loose and leak water. We suspect that the shell of the tub was not thick enough to support the faucets properly and the constant flexing would cause the faucets to loosen. Finally, we had a major leak from the tub, which caused the ceiling in our dining room below to be destroyed. Now we have no choice but to pay for the tub removal and have a major repair to our ceiling. We estimate that we’ll have spent over $5,000 (and countless hours of our time) in less than 6 years addressing the list of issues We’ve learned an expensive lesson and hopefully for anyone that reads of our experience will be saved from a similar mistake.

Second Time: A Better Choice.

We did our research the second time and just ordered a quality Hydro Massage bath to replace the first one!”

The Hylands

“My joints hurt less and I have less visits to the chiropractor. I definitely recommend this company. The staff is so knowledgeable and friendly. I have never been happier with how much it helped me.”


“I purchased a Hydro Massage tub with your Revive System from your Company and wanted to let you know how wonderful it has been.

I suffer from migraines, back and neck problems and with the Colorado dry air of course dry skin. Once I picked out the style of tub that I wanted Ron and Jenny Stevens made sure that the jets were going to be placed in the exact spots that I would benefit the most from.

The Revive System that you installed is one of a kind, I not only sleep better, I have really soft skin from it, I do not have the dryness to my skin that I once had.
My headaches have been cut in more than half, my back and neck feels like they use to many years ago.

Thank you so much for such a wonderful system, I would recommend it to anyone and please feel free to give my name and phone number out to anyone who has any questions.

You will always have my business and I will always refer your Company to anyone looking to purchase a jacuzzi tub.”

Annette Brown

“I have multiple health problems including hip surgery, back and neck surgery and
also cervical dystonia.  We purchased and installed the ReVive oxygen soak therapy tub several months back. I must admit that I was a little skeptical but have found that the oxygen soak helps my circulation, skin and pain.

Yesterday my husband Ted went for a long bike ride for the first time in a few years. He came back tired and sore so I relented and told him to try soaking in my tub. He was totally amazed at the outcome because he felt wonderful and his stiff muscles disappeared!  He even admitted that his skin was softer. Of course he left ring around the tub.

The service and support from the Hydro Massage Products team was so helpful with selecting the correct tub and provided exceptional personal service.

I highly recommend this system for anyone seeking relief from various body ailments.”

Linda Hoster

“Regarding a jetted tub and the blessings, it offers:

My wife has had two back surgeries and a neck surgery, along with arthritic pains in many joints.  Massage therapy in a jetted tub can give a better life.  In 2012 we looked at many show rooms and researched by way of the internet all of the jetted products available.  The one we choose was by Hydromassage.  The flexibility to purchase one that fits the person and that offers all of the features that benefit the user was the criteria that won our search.  We have owned several jetted products over the years so this is not our first rodeo.  The ultimate test is with the user.  She says the following:

  1. First time I have ever had a tub that fit me.
  2. The jets are placed to help my back, my neck, thighs and feet.
  3. The water stays hot with the inline heater.
  4. The water purification system is most important
  5. My life is blessed with this massage tub, I love it big time.

The only problems we have had were a couple of plastic jet covers that broke.  The important thing with a problem no matter how small, will the manufacturer be there for you.  They have been very quick to help. I am comfortable if I have a problem beyond warranty they are there to assist.  This is the best product available to assist aches and pains by way of water massage.  Hydromassage has made me happy because my wife is very happy.”

“Hi Ron!
I wanted to share with you how much I love every feature of our new bathtub! It’s truly a great way to end the day with a long soak in the tub!! There isn’t a feature that I don’t like but have to say my favorite is the sole soother!! I love having my feet massaged!!  I also love knowing that I am rejuvenating my skin with the Revive feature with every soak. My skin feels so soft and nurtured! It’s so awesome for mind, body and spirit! Thank you for such an incredible tub!!

Our family got a HydroMassage tub with air massage and the Revive system back in May.  It has been amazing.  The Revive system, along with the Enhance bath additive, have really made a difference in how soft our skin is.  In the 20 years I have been married, my husband had never taken a bath (only showers) until we got this tub.  Now he takes a bath at least weekly and always adds the Enhance to the water.  My son uses the tub everyday for tight muscles and as a bonus, his scars from a recent surgery are healing much quicker that in the past.  We couldn’t be happier with the bath system and the products that are available.”

Christina King

“Thanks Ron for helping us with our tub selection. Since we live in a rural area with no places other than the Big Box stores with limited on floor massage tubs, finding your selection online was great. You were so helpful guiding us through the process and we had full confidence that we had arrived at the right tub for us! Now we are building a summer home and we will be contacting you again for the exact same tub! Great quality, superb service.”

Louise, Tallahassee, FL

“Love my tub. I ordered the mystique 6032SKTF (Platinum). Custom jetting, extra shoulder & foot jets. Ron was great to work with, called several times asking many questions, and he answered all of them plus provided information I did not think to ask. Tub is great for body aches, pains and relaxation.. I have fibromyalgia and it helps me tremendously. Customer service is great, shipped on time. Definitely recommend.”

R Dominguez

“We love our hydro massage tub! This company is super responsive and always so helpful! It is my favorite thing in our house! I soak in this luxurious tub daily! Thrilled with this purchase!”

Jennifer DeRita

“I am so thrilled with my new hydro bathtub. It is exactly what I dreamed of. The air jet features and Revive oxygen system exceeded my expectations. The customer care was awesome. They helped me figure out what size tub I needed and explained all of the features. Thank you so much. It made my bathroom my new favorite room.”

Robin Moneyhun

This is definitely a staple to any high end bathroom.

The service from Hydro Massage has also been best in class!”

James Dudek

“We moved and sold our first tub with the house. I could not believe the difference the tab made with my arthritis. Second tub received an installed and back to feeling wonderful. Thank you so much!! You are the best to work with even long distance.”

Gloria Sacco

“I deal with arthritis and because of Kidney issues I refuse to take most meds. I instead treat arthritis naturally and I have found this Hydro massage tub to be excellent for pain relief. I cant thank Ron enough. I had an alcove tub in the guest bathroom room and this tub fitted perfectly in that space. It’s way deeper and allows me to soak these old bones of mines. Getting in and out is no problem. Only complaint I have is I never want to get out of it because it is so wonderful. Jets ate great I got both the Jacuzzi and micro air oxygen jets.”

Mary Jo Cook

“I have never had a better customer service experience than with this company. These are the 4th and 5th tubs we have ordered from them. Our first ones are still ticking after 18 years. They give marvelous customer service immediately. When our builder’s installer misplaced parts, they sent them Express Mail TWICE due to a mix up with no cost and no questions asked. They also helped via phone with questions and got everything running like clockwork. I definitely recommend this company and would order from them again and again.”

Christina Knoles

“Wonderful!!! Bought my tub through them and worked with the owner Ron who is so honest and caring. I recommend them if you want a very personalized perfectly fit tub for your bathroom.”


“I purchased the oval Zen tub a few months ago with regeneration system. I have never been happier with how much it helped me. My joints hurt less and I have less visits to the chiropractor. Definitely recommend this store. The staff is so knowledgeable and friendly.”


“I LOVE MY TUB!!!!! It was worth the wait. It’s what I look forward to nightly to relax and jet any ache or pain away. Water theory is by far the best. You get what you pay for but I rather have the jet tub in my home than go to theory. I call it a medical expense that hold GREAT VALUE. Thanks Ron and Jenny. After using my tub for several months that not only has a fabulous. jet system but i also got the air filtration in the water FABULOUS FABULOUS FABULOUS that along with the enhance formula my skin has NEVER felt this soft to the touch. Its also good for any skin ailment dermatitis etc. This was by far my best investment its a chunk of change but what you get is priceless. I can’t rave enough about it. Just do it! You won’t regret it.”

Elaine Jacovini, Dip.H.Ir.
Holistic Iridologist