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Google Reviews
Lana Sklyar
May 21, 2024

When we finally got our home improvement project going, we agreed that it's a perfect occasion to install the drop-in corner tub I always dreamed of - with hydro massage features. As I actually started to choose - I notice that not every tub created equal - some of them just named so, but the specification does not support the claim. When I found this site, I was skeptical in the beginning, but Jennifer very patiently answered all my questions and concerns, provided technical information for our construction team to prepare for the proper tub placement. Thank you, Hydro Massage team!

I searched the internet and home improvement stores for my Freestanding Tub for six months. All tubs were too thin, shallow, uncomfortable. Then I found the Hydro Massage Products Sarah 5833SDFS A (H9) 58″ x 33″ x 27″. 20" Soaking level, 5" more than the average competition, 115 degree seating angle and arm rests for a relaxing experience. I found my tub. Melaine and Ron help me select the options and installation assistance my contractor needed to ensure an easy install. Ron sent me photos and easy to following instructions for the electrical and plumbing. Thank You Hydro Massage Products. Sincerely, Mark

I just purchased the Maya 42” Freestanding Combination Jetted/Whirlpool tub from Hydro Massage and am looking forward to receiving it and using it. We are renovating our basement and adding a small bathroom in which this tub will be perfect in this space. I compared well known manufacturers of massage tubs to the products from Hydro Massage, and I found there are many key features that are better in the Maya model as compared to other manufacturer’s designs (more jets, more powerful pumps….). Will update my review after I have received the tub.

Cindy Whiteman
April 13, 2024

I researched the internet for the tub of my dreams and when I found Hydromassage Products, I was so excited to be able to custom build a freestanding tub that I had all the features I was looking for to help alleviate back pain and provide a spa experience in my home. My salesman Ron was so helpful in helping me chose my 66" freestanding combination Rosabella and it fits perfectly in our bathroom. I fully recommend this company if you're looking for an amazing tub that provides great massage, increased relaxation and an amazing night's sleep. Bravo Hydromassage Products! Thank you, we are grateful!

Alec Day
April 9, 2024

I searched the internet for weeks looking for the best jetted tub. The Hydro Massage Freestanding 72" freestanding tub stood out from all the other options that we spend weeks comparing. Additionally, the sales staff was extremely helpful and helped to make sure we choose the correct product for our application. I highly recommend this USA made tub for you next bathroom remodel.

Pam Osborne
March 14, 2024

We were looking for a 59" free standing tub with Jets. After considering dozens of options that did not have all the details we wanted, we found Hydro Massage. We reached out by email and heard back the same day. Jennifer answered all of our questions and provided brochures and illustrations. They even mailed out a template so we could check dimensions before ordering. She gave feedback on options we were considering and helped us order exactly what we wanted at the most affordable cost by customizing our tub to our needs. We have been very pleased and are excited to receive our tub and get it installed!

Kari Daniel
March 7, 2024

We found our future Alcove, combination tub with dimensions of 58 from a brief online search and then a phone call to a representative that was MORE than helpful and explained to me what I was looking for which ended up being the Hydro Massage with added jets. We were more than happy with the buying experience and the people there helped us well. WE look forward to recommending this company to anyone looking for a spa tub that will not only ease aching muscles and pain, but also help you sleep better and enjoy the comfort and relaxation provided from such a wonderful tub. Thank you.

Lori McCoin
March 4, 2024

We found Hydromassage on the internet when searching for a new jetted tub to replace our old one. The features these tubs offer outshines any other we considered. I cannot wait to relax in ours! I appreciated the convenience of the chat app and the instant response I got. Any questions were immediately answered and even when I had to ask again… and maybe again, Ron had the patience of a saint 😬 I’m very glad I found this company!

D Belanger
March 3, 2024

We are remodeling our master bathroom and decided to put in a jet tub to help alleviate my wife's osteoarthritis. As we weren't happy with any of the locally available options, we reached out to Hydro Massage. We chose a Zen Gold 6030 alcove hydro tub which is a perfect fit for our existing space. Melaine was ever responsive to our many questions about placing the order and some special concerns about how the tub would be delivered directly to our home in Canada. Ron was invaluable in advising us about the different tub specs and went above and beyond to make sure we received delivery in advance of the start of our renovation. Excellent communication throughout from the HM team. Can't wait to try it out!

Carol Soos
February 26, 2024

We did extensive research in our area and found very little product that addressed our needs. An internet search found Hydro Massage and RON STEVENS. Ron is super knowledgeable and helpful concerning size, shape, heating and jet options. We purchased a freestanding Sarah unit. Ron was super attentive in shipping, product and the installation questions that we had. I would 100% purchase another unit from HM and RS!

Lindsay Tyler
February 23, 2024

We purchased a 72x42 Freestanding Rosabella combination tub and are really excited to receive it. Hydromassage was very responsive and answered all of our questions and even provided comparisons and feedback to help in our decision making. Jennifer was very kind and even worked into the evening and weekend to get our order placed. I would highly recommend anyone looking for their dream tub to give HydroMassage a chance and let them help you with your decision!

Fred Dunbar
February 19, 2024

Last year we purchased a DROP IN Rosabella 6636SD (gold/combo) tub. It is better than we could have imagined. With out a doubt, it is the best tub we have ever seen and experienced. My contractor was blown away with the quality of the tub. The service we received from Hydro Massage was second to none. I highly recommend them and giving them only 5 stars seems like an injustice.

Greg Froehle
February 17, 2024

We just placed order for freestanding Zen Oval Gold Series 66x36" Combination tub. We are remodeling our master-bath and were exploring online for options for a tub. The so-called name brands have no way to see or sit in their tubs to see if it will be a comfortable fit. After doing considerable research, we decided to contact Hydro Massage. After talking to Jennifer, she set up an appointment for us to come to the showroom to view their tubs. She and the staff pulled out numerous sizes and styles of tubs for my wife to sit in so she could pick the most comfortable model. They were absolutely amazing. I can’t say enough good things about the customer service that we experienced. I would highly recommend Hydro Massage.

Eric Burr
February 14, 2024

Two years ago I purchased two 5', alcove style Hydro Massage tubs for two of my residential customers. These were purchased locally thru a tub retail specialist. My initial decision to purchase this brand came from its on floor availability. However, when i reached out to Hydro Massage and spoke with Ron, i learned so much more about the value received from these products. He spent a good half hour detailing the functional and health benefits available from standard models and from some of the high end features. Most importantly, i learned that this company actually cares about a customer receiving what is desired...not just what is available. Fast-forward to the big game on Sunday; where i initiated my most recent purchase; a new 72" x 42" drop-in Eclipse tub. Unexpectedly, Ron took the time to reach out via phone (on game day!) to provide answers to my e-mailed questions. Suffice it to say, I ordered the platinum series Eclipse with a number of bells and whistles all designed to provide the highest level experience to my customer. The next day, Jennifer helped me expedite the order and she worked to accommodate my installation dilemmas. My current customer has a number of pain relief concerns and this tub should satisfy those needs, while providing a comforting and relaxing jetted massage. While i have purchased a few jetted tubs over my 30 years in business, i find myself drawn to the attention to detail and concern that Hydro Massage provides. They have never upsold me on a feature, but rather always offered personal and professional opinions that have saved my customer's money. I imagine there will not be a need to look at another company's products again.

Rajeev Singh
January 29, 2024

We just placed order for freestanding Rosabella 66x36" Combination tub. We Are remodeling our master-bath and were exploring online for options for a freestanding tub. All the jetted tubs we saw could not find soaking depth of more than 16 or 18" and some were as low as 14". It was hard to find someone who was willing to work with us to understand our project and suggest options and install recommendations. I spoke to Ron once and he connected me to Jennifer. I had several email exchanges and phone calls with her to finalize our order (neck pillow, deck mount faucet options, grab bar location, pump location etc.). It is great to talk to someone who wants to understand your needs when you have questions. Loved the customer service, hard to come by these days when you buy from large stores with sales team that is focused only on selling. Looking forward to the project completion so we can relax and enjoy in the tub.

Jenny Murphy
January 23, 2024

We were ready to pull the trigger on a Kohler tub we live 40 miles down the road from Sheboygan Wi. After our plumber came out and said the specs would fit a new replacement drop in tub 72x42x23. I decided to investigate further and came across Hydro Massage. I called on a Saturday and Jennifer called back that day, she answered all of my questions and suggested 2 options based on our needs and wants. After consulting with our plumber and electrician we decided to go with the Platinum series rectangle drop in. She was so helpful with ALL of the questions as well as describing how the process of ordering would work. Can’t wait to get our new tub!!!

Warren Ohliger
January 15, 2024

I just purchased a Zen Oval 60"x42"x24" Combination Gold Series Tub after researching tubs and looking at big box stores that have no Inventory to look at and also plumbing supply show rooms that have no inventory or options to choose from I searched the internet looking for a tub that has the largest sitting space and depth because most tubs have big outside measurements but small inside measurements. After a long search i found Hydro Massage and looked at the good reviews and also liked the tubs and how they were equipped and with more powerful pumps than other tubs i called and spoke to Jennifer she was so helpful and full of knowledge i was sold i sure wish all customer service people were like Jennifer she was a real pleasure to talk with. Can wait to get my tub and get it installed!!!

Virginia Davis
January 15, 2024

I purchased a freestanding combination spa tub from this company. I was able to talk to a real person whom helped me with all the things I needed in my tub. Thanks so much Jennifer.

Bryan Kreuger
January 14, 2024

I purchased the 72” Rosabella combination air/whirlpool tub with added leg jets. It is awesome. I really like the depth of this tub and the jets are very powerful without being too noisy. The heater keeps the water very warm for long soaks. I definitely recommend!

Charles Waters
January 11, 2024

We cannot wait to receive our new Freestanding Rosabella from Hydro Massage! My wife and I are in process of remodeling our master bathroom. She has been constantly reminding me that, for her, this is the most important room in the house... especially a really good, freestanding tub. I began the journey by looking at the tubs that the big box stores and builder supply stores offer, even the really high-end brands. In every situation, I had questions and/or concerns about tub quality, faucet mounting, drain locations, amperage requirements and motor locations. Every investigation left me with questions...until I stumbled upon the Hydro Massage Team. Initially, I spoke with Ron and Melaine and I, very quickly, determined that this was the company that I needed to do business with. I also knew that with all of the great options, I needed to get my wife in on the conversation. We then spoke to Jennifer, who answered all of our questions and agreed to modify the tub to our needs. While we have not yet received the tub, we are confident that it will be a perfect fit in both the installation and for our family! Charlie & Chris Waters

Nick Dilello
January 6, 2024

My husband and I are in the process of remodeling our master bathroom. With his psoriatic arthritis, we have decided on a more sophisticated tub. The local retail stores and bath shops were no help. The tubs appeared very fragile and would not meet our needs. Therefore, we began our search on-line and discovered hydromassage products. We chose the reward freestanding hydromassage tub, 72X36. Prior to purchase we needed multiple questions answered. Jennifer was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. We contacted her several times and her patience with all our questions was appreciated. She was a wealth of knowledge and even made some suggestions to help us choose the best option for ourselves. We are thrilled at the warranty and the aspect of sanitation with the jets. Looking forward to many hours of relaxation and pain relief in our new tub.

Don Marquart
December 12, 2023

We purchased the Sarah freestanding jetted tub. Jennifer assisted is In purchasing the right tub for our needs. I had many questions and all were answered quickly and politely. We could not be happier than the service we received from Jennifer and the HM team. Can’t wait to get the tub and try it out!! Thank you again Jennifer!

Linda R
December 8, 2023

We purchased our 1st Hydro Massage tub 15 years ago. The customer service and tub were both spectacular. Present day, we knew this was the company we needed to help with a tub for our new home we're building! Ron and Melaine were professional and very helpful in making our selection and purchase. We went with the Zen Oval 6636 spa tub, and we can't wait for delivery and installation. Thank you providing excellent service, communication and thoughtfully designed products.

L. Mayer
December 7, 2023

I'm not exaggerating when I say I looked at about 35 tub manufacturers for the ones who could satisfy all the requirements that I had for a tub. Only one - Hydro Massage - could do that. I wanted a certain length, types/numbers of jets and drain placement. Most of the ones I looked at had these features to some extent buy only Hydro Massage had the flexibility to configure exactly what I wanted. I am thrilled with the result. In addition, I was pleased to get an American made product. Also, the company is small enough where I was able to talk directly to the people who were involved with the design and production of the tub and they were able to answer all my technical questions quickly and completely. My only regret is that I don't need a second tub.

Gary Rawitscher
December 6, 2023

I just purchased a drop-in 66 x 36 Zen oval jetted tub from Hydromassage and the process was a pleasure. Ron made great suggestions about the tub model, size and options based on my height and desires, and everybody at Hydromassage has been very responsive to questions. I wish the rest of the contractors and suppliers I've been dealing with in getting my house built were as easy to work with. Now I just have to get my house finished so I can use my tub!

Janett Iraheta
December 6, 2023

I’m really glad I found Hydro Massage. It took me a while to find a good company that had products like theirs. They have great options for fancy tubs. After careful consideration and multiple conversations with Ron and Melanie, I was able to purchase the Rosabella 7236SD Free Standing 30 Jet Series with Hydro & Air Massage, w/ Access Panel. Ron and Melanie were also great throughout the whole process. I cannot wait to receive or use it!!! I hope the tub will help me with pain relief, and I can’t wait to use the custom neck massage.

Gina Wesneske
November 30, 2023

We just decided to purchase the Hydro Massage Freestanding Jetted Tub for our new custom home we are building. After a lot of research by my builder and myself, the options for a generous size modern, freestanding tub WITH JETS was almost nonexistent. I came across this company by chance. I picked up the phone and immediately received a call back from a gentleman that answered all of my questions thoroughly. I was shocked to find that this product checked all of my boxes - large enough for 2 people, many powerful jets for different parts of your body and freestanding. He followed up immediately with a quote which was very fair compared to other name brand products we found during our search. I’ve been in contact with 2 employees both of which have been very knowledgeable. Also, I was impressed that the company will work with us on our timeline of delivery of the tub since we have no where to store it and the house isn’t ready for the delivery. So far our experience has been awesome. We are looking forward to actually receiving the finished product.

Faith L'Heureux
November 21, 2023

Ron and Melanie were great in the selection process. I had the additional challenge of timing to have my tub delivered to my builder at the time he needs it for plumbers. They were willing to talk to them and answered all out questions. I am looking forward to seeing my tub in my new home in the end of June.

Katherine Shroyer
November 20, 2023

I bought a 66” drop in Rosabella combination tub, and the process couldn’t have been any easier! Ron and his staff helped me at every step of the process. Ron answered every question I had when I spoke to him and even sent a paper template so my contractor could make sure the tub could make sure the tub will fit in the space I have available. I chose Hydro Massage over its competitors because its tubs offer more jets and the ability to customize your purchase. I suffer from fibromyalgia and need a quality tub that offers deep water, back and leg jets, and pain relief.

Crystal Daughhetee
November 13, 2023

Ron and Melaine have been outstanding to work with through this whole process. They are very knowledgeable, prompt with responses, and overall great people. We purchased the Reward 72”x48”x25” Freestanding Combination 43 Water & Air Massage for our new home that’s being built and I cannot wait to try it out! I am definitely a bathtub kinda girl and this tub will be my “spa” like escape on those rough days where rest and relaxation are pertinent! Great company overall! 5 stars for sure!!!!

Hans Barak
November 2, 2023

We’re in a process of remodeling our master bathroom and were shopping for a tub that would suit our needs. Upon surfing the internet, we came across Hydro massage products. Very shortly after initial inquiry, Ron called us personally to discuss their products. Upon further discussion and overview of our needs, Ron was very quick at proposing few tub options. As we continue our conversation and viewing (via email, photos, information and specs), we were sure hydro massage was a way to go. It didn’t take us long to decide especially after learning that Hydro massage products were built in USA, by a family owned business and customization options they had available, not to mention tub sizes, shapes, features and alike. Additionally, their customer assistance was top notch, including being prompt in answering all of our questions. Lastly, they were very understanding and accommodating, including reasonable/competitive pricing which in addition to all other service/assistance led to ultimate purchase of our 58” Freestanding Rosabella tub. We’re looking forward to the installation of the tub and finally using it so that we can share that experience once all ready. We would certainly recommend Hydro massage products to all perspective tub shoppers out there !

Karen Dineen
October 23, 2023

I was searching for a freestanding jetted tub and am so glad I found Hydro Massage Products. I was looking for not only a high quality tub but wanted it in matte black which is more difficult to find. Found exactly what I was looking for and have now purchased. Ron was very accessible and approachable from the first phone call thru the purchase process. Gave me great confidence in purchasing. Between the site and talking to Ron I understood clearly what the options were and what suited me best. Great personal customer service! Price and delivery timing seem very reasonable for the quality and features I will be getting. Can't wait! So nice to be able to talk directly to the company!

Greg Fronista
October 6, 2023

My wife wanted a deep soaking tub that also had a heater. Ron helped me and steered me towards the perfect tub for us! A Rosabella 6636. Can't wait to recieve it and use it!

Dillon Larson
September 27, 2023

I had my hydrojet installed a few weeks ago and I love it! I am a tall man and suffer from back problems. This was the only tub I could find that was deep enough for me and also had really nice adjustable jets for my back and feet. It comes with all sorts of cool accessories and I added a few just for fun! Ron was very helpful and I highly recommend their company for anyone looking for a great tub!

Bill Tosh
September 20, 2023

So hard to put into words how hard it was to find a real Jacuzzi combination tub for my bathroom. There are plenty companies out there that claim to be all that, but in the end after months of searching and one let down after another, they were all grossly inferior to this one. If you are going to invest in this type of amenity in your home, make sure it is something special. I will not talk too much about other companies, I'll just say this is a superior company. The entire process was very pleasant Ron and Melaine were very patient and accommodating. I am a little bit of a caveman and they made everything simple and clear. Everything I needed, including Pump location, which was especially important. I had limited access for the tub on one side and the others could not accommodate the desired location. Simply because they are prefabricated and for the most part made in China. Bottom line, very little customization and poor Customer Service and I contacted at least 10 or 15 companies. Months of searching paid off! Hydro Massage actually answers their phone lol. They fully customized my two-person corner jacuzzi hydromassage tub to fit exactly what I am looking for and surprisingly so much more. They went above and beyond all I could ask for or think of that I wanted. Instead of a limited number of jets and air nozzle outlets, I ended up with almost double of the jacuzzi jets that are available in the market. I look forward every day to an unforgettable combination of massage, soothing comfort and ultimate relaxation. Most importantly, instead of the typical one HP brush motor, I am getting two 3.2 horse induction motors for the massage jets. That means brushless! This is the newest technology out there and long, long, long lasting! I am getting a significantly larger horsepower motor for the air bubble system and an in-line heater. One of the largest benefits is that this is a freestanding tub, does not require a mortar base or anything complicated and it is very well built. Also, it has a jet massage pillow available. Most of the other ones I researched tirelessly, I would say 99%, do not even offer this or the other options I covered. It was a perfect size for me, 58 inches, with comfort, relaxation, deep water, back and neck Jets, powerful pumps, clean system, two-person, great massage, pain relief, feel better, sleep better, etc. I suffered through all the work of research for you, so do yourself a favor and call Hydro Massage, their spa tubs will not disappoint.

Fields Leake
September 6, 2023

I can't say enough about the team at Hydro Massage. I did a deep dive on the internet to find a massage hydro therapy tub for our remodeled masterbath. Looked at dozens of sites, then, I came across Hydro Massage and instantly knew these were serious therapy tub people with a passion for perfection. I called up and spoke to Ron. This is "Mr. Hydro Massage" the MAN himself and.was.I impressed. Ron asked me the right questions to determine the right tub and configuration for me and my wife. Best of all Ron listened and clearly cares that his customers get the right equipment. We were looking for a 72 X 46 inch drop in combination whirlpool/air spa style that fit two folks and Ron reviewed the best features and jet placement for our therapy needs. He made me confident in Hydro Massage's product quality and committment to build the best tubs in the market. I also have experienced exceptional support from Ron's team with installation tech sheets for my contractor and details about the delivery and set up. The wharehouse/big box hardware places promote low prices but I wanted the highest caliber design, platinum quality materials and workmanship, and outstanding service after the sale from a company that will stand behind what they sell proudly. Thanks to Ron and his team for "checking all the boxes" for us. I am planning a new add-on to our 2nd home and will no doubt call on Ron and the folks at Hydro Massage very soon. "Encore...encore!"

September 5, 2023

I am so glad I found Hydro Massage. I was desperately wanting a freestanding jetted tub for our new home. The plumbing contractor that I our builder sent us to for all of our plumbing fixtures basically said good luck. They don't really make them and tried to persuade us to accept just a soaker bubble tub. I was determined to get what a freestanding whirlpool tub, so I started Googling. I was thrilled to find Hydro Massage. Not only could I get a freestanding jetted tub they had several options to choose from and they were very responsive and helpful. As soon as our house is finished, I look forward to using my new tub. Thank you Hydro Massage for offering something that is apparently hard to find and providing excellent customer service

marge mellody
September 1, 2023

I was shopping for a bath tub and read that oxygen could be added to the water. The salesperson at my local plumbing supply knew very little about the oxygen system. I am recovering from Lyme disease and I was very interested because of it’s health benefits. I searched the internet for more information and found Hydo Massage. I had lots of questions and Ron got back to me quickly. He was so knowledgeable I asked it he was the owner. He said yes. It is rare to be able to talk with the owner of a company! He answered all my many, many questions and directed me to the right tub and the right systems for my needs. I highly recommend Hydro Massage! I can’t wait for my new custom tub to arrive.

Linda Stegeman
August 24, 2023

We just received our SECOND hydro massage tub and I am eagerly awaiting installation. When we remodeled our last house, I chose this tub just based on sitting in many tubs and felt it was the most comfortable. I bought it through a distributor. When we started our current home remodel, I knew which tub brand I already loved and decided to go direct to hydro massage. I called Ron and he listened to what I wanted and asked me some questions (do we have a window behind the tub?) that I had not thought of, but proved very relevant in choosing a tub that would fit the space. I have never bought a tub online before because it is a substantial purchase sight unseen, but I am extremely pleased with the entire process. Ron thought of everything in sizing the tub to me and our space. The purchase process was seamless and we received a carefully packaged tub without any damage. Expect to sign a ton of paperwork and follow their guidelines because you are dealing with an outsourced freight company. Still waiting for the install, but the space is coming along. Honestly, can’t think of any way for them to improve service except make the tubs faster! I have recommended them to my friends.

Karen Eichenberger
August 24, 2023

We were in search of a new freestanding tub for our primary bathroom renovation. I was unhappy with the little information I could find from conventional retail options and took to search via google. I discovered Hydro Massage and was pleased with the wealth of options and with Ron and his team's willingness to answer many question. The price point is very very competitive, they are producing a superior product and are a USA manufacturer. My husband was in the Denver area on business and I arranged for him to meet Ron to actually see the tubs, and sit in one (trying to fit a tall guy in a tub isn't easy). He was able to see first hand the construction quality which is beyond anything we would find else where. Support your local manufacturers and businesses!

Leigh Anne Mann
August 23, 2023

Great communication, product arrived in perfect condition and as specified.

Keith Lilek
August 23, 2023

It was a daunting task to search out a great therapeutic tub for our bathroom remodel. Time spent online proved challenging until I came across Hydro Massage Products in CO. I left an online inquiry and quickly received a call from the owner. Ron spent the necessary time answering my questions and my contractors more detailed inquiries. As a result we placed our order. We remain hopeful for our soon to be delivered tub!

Bruce Carlow
August 22, 2023

Building a master bedroom and bathroom on ground floor. I've researched for many months. Talked to the regulars, Jacuzzi, Kohler, American Standard, etc. They all wanted to sell me a tub but didn't want to spend too much time with me. When I called back several times and got different sales people they all recommended something different for me. Finally by accident hit on Hydro Massage Products and spoke with Ron, the owner, builder, salesman, designer, cook and bottlewasher. He took time, spoke with me. Decided what I needed and recommended. Also spoke with his wife. A real AMERICAN, built in America tub, by a family owned business. If I love the tub as much as I enjoyed ordering from this family owned business I will be in dreamland.

Jodi Monerson
August 15, 2023

I was struggling to find an airbath for our primary bathroom, and I reached out to Hydro tubs. I was impressed because they called me back right away, and was able to walk me through their options and how to get it ordered. Ron was fantastic at walking me through my options and helping me get exactly what I needed! And to top it all off, I was able to get it shipped directly to my house. Highly recommend as their customer service is top notch!

Terri Patrick
July 21, 2023

We were so pleased to find Hydro massage products for our whirlpool. Ron and his staff have been thorough and prompt answering any questions. Every step along the way has been easy and can’t wait to use it!

bless blessed
July 14, 2023

Overall, a hydro massage bath tub is a great investment for anyone looking to add a little luxury and relaxation to their daily routine. With their customizable massage options, health benefits, and ease of use, these tubs are a true indulgence that you'll enjoy for years to come. Give it a try.

John G
July 8, 2023

Had a problem with the tub getting too hot, owner himself called to figure out a solution and came up with putting a small heater in the tub, hi said he will personally keep an eye on this problem to help fix it. I LOVE THE TUB it’s a life changer for someone that has chronic pain issues.

Silk Venue
July 5, 2023

LOVE my new tub! The jets and blower combo is amazing and I love how deep it is so that both my hubby and I can relax after a busy day. Sleeping better than ever! Hit a few bumps post set up and the customer service team was quick to respond and very helpful in getting us back in our tub. Thank you Hydro-Massage Products for an amazing tub buying (& using) experience!!

Jim Weisbrook
June 28, 2023

Finding the right massage tub was a lengthy process for me because of the specific dimensions I needed. I’m tall, have long legs and have foot neuropathy, I wanted a standalone, combination tub (water and air therapy). I started my search with this argument, ‘standalone hydrotherapy tub”. I focused in on two companies that resulted from this search, Hydro Message and another. I researched the other first and spent countless research hours on their site. I decided to buy from them and contacted them. They promised they could deliver a specific product, so I put an order in. About 2 weeks later they informed me their factory in China could no longer produce the tub I wanted. The next day was a Saturday and I was back on the web looking at the Hydro Massage site. I had some questions so I opened a chat. I didn’t expect a response on a Saturday, but Ron responded. We must have spoken for over half an hour. I asked my questions and he responded way more thoroughly than the first company ever did. He then brought up a lot of topics I never even though about. He told me specifically how the tub was designed to help with my neuropathy. I also love the fact it’s made in the U SA. After my first experience with a company that couldn’t deliver, I decided I wanted to see the tub before ordering. I live in Missouri, but my son lives in Denver. The next time I visited my son, I set up a visit at the Aurora, Colorado facility. The staff was great and again answered all my installation questions. A week after I returned, I ordered the tub. Since my son lives in Denver, I wanted to pick the tub up in Colorado. I took delivery of the tub on June 20th. They had the tub ready when they said they would. I arrive at the Aurora, Colorado shop and they loaded the tub in less than 10 minutes, and I was on my way. Overall, the staff was very friendly, easy to contact and super knowledgeable. They provided everything they said they would, no “over promise and under deliver” with Hydro Massage.

Jeff Bowers
June 23, 2023

Thank you Ron and manufacturers! We ordered this for a client. She loves it! The tub looks amazing and the quality is impeccable!

“Amazing, Captivating Designed Just For Me.”

“72” Rosabella Hydro Massage Tub Installed”

“I am a retired general contractor who has been recommending and personally using Hydro System products for a number of years. (A competitor to Hydro Massage) I am currently renovating my own house in Midlothian Va. and during my “shopping” for the right massage tub, I contacted Hydro Massage and spoke to Jennifer Kinley, an account manager with the Company. During our conversations, she put me in touch with the owner of the Company, answered all my questions, was competitive in pricing and has been a pleasure to work with. The customer service area could not be better! I bought my tub from Hydro Massage because I researched the product with excellent results, did the competitive on the finances, and have thus far totally enjoyed the process. And now I am awaiting delivery.” – Robert Illjes

QUALITY – Excellent product made to the highest quality

“We were in search of a new freestanding tub for our primary bathroom renovation. I was unhappy with the little information I could find from conventional retail options and took to search via google. I discovered Hydro Massage and was pleased with the wealth of options and with Ron and his team’s willingness to answer many question. The price point is very very competitive, they are producing a superior product and are a USA manufacturer. My husband was in the Denver area on business and I arranged for him to meet Ron to actually see the tubs, and sit in one (trying to fit a tall guy in a tub isn’t easy). He was able to see first hand the construction quality which is beyond anything we would find else where. Support your local manufacturers and businesses!” – Karen Eichenberger

“Beautiful Platinum Hydro Massage Installed”

“New Hydro Massage Bath Installed”

“Most Comfortable, Foot Massage Oxygen Bath!”

“Arthritis Pain Relief.”

“Powerful Massage Jets!”

72″ Reward 30-Jet Hydro Massage Tub

72″ Reward 30-Jet Hydro Massage Tub: Bath Usage

72″ Reward 30-Jet Hydro Massage Tub Installed

MASSAGE – Highly recommend for back, neck & feet. I love the sole soothers!

“I was researching for a bathroom remodel and wanted a combination tub that did both jets and air. Most of the prices were astronomical and had few features. I reached out to this company through their website and the company was very responsive. I love my tub so much. It helps me with my back pain and the foot jets make my feet feel so much better. I highly recommend.” – Rayna Sprouse

“Ron was great to work with. I called several times asking many questions, and he answered them all, plus provided additional information. Customer service is great.”


“We want to give Hydro Message a shout-out for making our “dream” bathroom a reality! The whole process, from ordering to delivery, was just as promised.”

“Thanks, Ron, for helping us with our tub selection. Since we live in a rural area, finding your selection online was great. You were so helpful guiding us through the process and we had full confidence we had arrived at the right tub for us!”


“This was a big project and we were a little skeptical ordering a tub, just by photos online. Everything was just as described and we couldn’t be happier with the tub. The delivery time was just as quoted and we actually, received our custom tub, faster than our stock cabinets from a big box store! Thank you for making this big project a little easier!”

Dan & Kim Hunt

“We use the Enhance, it’s a product you can add to your tub that helps soften your skin and also keeps the jets clean. We also use the Hydro Clean as well, that we flush through the system once a week and it keeps those jets clean and keeps it smelling fresh.”

“I am so thrilled with my new bathtub. It is exactly what I dreamed of. The air jet features and Revive oxygen system exceeded my expectations.”


“The Revive System you installed is one of a kind. I not only sleep better, I have really soft skin from it without the dryness I used to have.”


Pain Relief – Arthritis Pain Level 8-9 drops down to 4

“I want to tell you how much we enjoy and love our Hydro Massage tub. My husband has juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, which causes chronic pain, and the mornings are the worst time. In the mornings his pain level is probably an 8 or 9. After a good 20 minutes in the tub, he can move again, usually it drops the pain down to a 4. Being able to relieve some of that stiffness and get moving is huge. He’ll use it at nighttime in order to ease away the tension or the stress of the day so he can relax and go to bed. We use it twice a day most days, it is well loved and well used.”


I could not believe the difference the tub made with my arthritis. Thank you so much!! You are the best to work with — even long distance.”

Gloria Sacco

“This tub is great for body aches and pain. I have fibromyalgia and it helps me tremendously. I love my tub with custom jets, and extra shoulder and foot jets.”

R. Dominguez

First time: A BAD Experience.

We built our home in 2015, and as many construction projects go, our expenses quickly went over budget. As final selections were made, we made a decision to select a bathtub we found on The price was about $2,000 less than models we had priced locally, and it seemed like a great way to save money and help the construction budget. It was a nice looking tub, and also had jets which was a feature we really wanted to have. Initially, the tub seemed fine, although the jets were placed so high that the water would spray out of the tub unless they were pointed directly down. After a few months, when we used the jets, they began to spew a gross black mildew into the tub. Even with regularly cleaning the jets, the problem would re-occur every few months. After about two years, the water pump failed, and since there was no access panel, it was virtually impossible to fix the broken pump. We’ve also had the faucets become loose and leak water. We suspect that the shell of the tub was not thick enough to support the faucets properly and the constant flexing would cause the faucets to loosen. Finally, we had a major leak from the tub, which caused the ceiling in our dining room below to be destroyed. Now we have no choice but to pay for the tub removal and have a major repair to our ceiling. We estimate that we’ll have spent over $5,000 (and countless hours of our time) in less than 6 years addressing the list of issues We’ve learned an expensive lesson and hopefully for anyone that reads of our experience will be saved from a similar mistake.

Second Time: A Better Choice.

We did our research the second time and just ordered a quality Hydro Massage bath to replace the first one!”

The Hylands

“My joints hurt less and I have less visits to the chiropractor. I definitely recommend this company. The staff is so knowledgeable and friendly. I have never been happier with how much it helped me.”


“I purchased a Hydro Massage tub with your Revive System from your Company and wanted to let you know how wonderful it has been.

I suffer from migraines, back and neck problems and with the Colorado dry air of course dry skin. Once I picked out the style of tub that I wanted Ron and Jenny Stevens made sure that the jets were going to be placed in the exact spots that I would benefit the most from.

The Revive System that you installed is one of a kind, I not only sleep better, I have really soft skin from it, I do not have the dryness to my skin that I once had.
My headaches have been cut in more than half, my back and neck feels like they use to many years ago.

Thank you so much for such a wonderful system, I would recommend it to anyone and please feel free to give my name and phone number out to anyone who has any questions.

You will always have my business and I will always refer your Company to anyone looking to purchase a jacuzzi tub.”

Annette Brown

“I have multiple health problems including hip surgery, back and neck surgery and
also cervical dystonia.  We purchased and installed the ReVive oxygen soak therapy tub several months back. I must admit that I was a little skeptical but have found that the oxygen soak helps my circulation, skin and pain.

Yesterday my husband Ted went for a long bike ride for the first time in a few years. He came back tired and sore so I relented and told him to try soaking in my tub. He was totally amazed at the outcome because he felt wonderful and his stiff muscles disappeared!  He even admitted that his skin was softer. Of course he left ring around the tub.

The service and support from the Hydro Massage Products team was so helpful with selecting the correct tub and provided exceptional personal service.

I highly recommend this system for anyone seeking relief from various body ailments.”

Linda Hoster

COMFORT – It’s the first time I EVER had a tub fit me

“Regarding a jetted tub and the blessings, it offers:

My wife has had two back surgeries and a neck surgery, along with arthritic pains in many joints.  Massage therapy in a jetted tub can give a better life.  In 2012 we looked at many show rooms and researched by way of the internet all of the jetted products available.  The one we choose was by Hydromassage.  The flexibility to purchase one that fits the person and that offers all of the features that benefit the user was the criteria that won our search.  We have owned several jetted products over the years so this is not our first rodeo.  The ultimate test is with the user.  She says the following:

  1. First time I have ever had a tub that fit me.
  2. The jets are placed to help my back, my neck, thighs and feet.
  3. The water stays hot with the inline heater.
  4. The water purification system is most important
  5. My life is blessed with this massage tub, I love it big time.

The only problems we have had were a couple of plastic jet covers that broke.  The important thing with a problem no matter how small, will the manufacturer be there for you.  They have been very quick to help. I am comfortable if I have a problem beyond warranty they are there to assist.  This is the best product available to assist aches and pains by way of water massage.  Hydromassage has made me happy because my wife is very happy.”

“Hi Ron!
I wanted to share with you how much I love every feature of our new bathtub! It’s truly a great way to end the day with a long soak in the tub!! There isn’t a feature that I don’t like but have to say my favorite is the sole soother!! I love having my feet massaged!!  I also love knowing that I am rejuvenating my skin with the Revive feature with every soak. My skin feels so soft and nurtured! It’s so awesome for mind, body and spirit! Thank you for such an incredible tub!!

Our family got a HydroMassage tub with air massage and the Revive system back in May.  It has been amazing.  The Revive system, along with the Enhance bath additive, have really made a difference in how soft our skin is.  In the 20 years I have been married, my husband had never taken a bath (only showers) until we got this tub.  Now he takes a bath at least weekly and always adds the Enhance to the water.  My son uses the tub everyday for tight muscles and as a bonus, his scars from a recent surgery are healing much quicker that in the past.  We couldn’t be happier with the bath system and the products that are available.”

Christina King

“Thanks Ron for helping us with our tub selection. Since we live in a rural area with no places other than the Big Box stores with limited on floor massage tubs, finding your selection online was great. You were so helpful guiding us through the process and we had full confidence that we had arrived at the right tub for us! Now we are building a summer home and we will be contacting you again for the exact same tub! Great quality, superb service.”

Louise, Tallahassee, FL

“Love my tub. I ordered the mystique 6032SKTF (Platinum). Custom jetting, extra shoulder & foot jets. Ron was great to work with, called several times asking many questions, and he answered all of them plus provided information I did not think to ask. Tub is great for body aches, pains and relaxation.. I have fibromyalgia and it helps me tremendously. Customer service is great, shipped on time. Definitely recommend.”

R Dominguez

“We love our hydro massage tub! This company is super responsive and always so helpful! It is my favorite thing in our house! I soak in this luxurious tub daily! Thrilled with this purchase!”

Jennifer DeRita

“I am so thrilled with my new hydro bathtub. It is exactly what I dreamed of. The air jet features and Revive oxygen system exceeded my expectations. The customer care was awesome. They helped me figure out what size tub I needed and explained all of the features. Thank you so much. It made my bathroom my new favorite room.”

Robin Moneyhun

This is definitely a staple to any high end bathroom.

The service from Hydro Massage has also been best in class!”

James Dudek

“We moved and sold our first tub with the house. I could not believe the difference the tab made with my arthritis. Second tub received an installed and back to feeling wonderful. Thank you so much!! You are the best to work with even long distance.”

Gloria Sacco

“I deal with arthritis and because of Kidney issues I refuse to take most meds. I instead treat arthritis naturally and I have found this Hydro massage tub to be excellent for pain relief. I cant thank Ron enough. I had an alcove tub in the guest bathroom room and this tub fitted perfectly in that space. It’s way deeper and allows me to soak these old bones of mines. Getting in and out is no problem. Only complaint I have is I never want to get out of it because it is so wonderful. Jets ate great I got both the Jacuzzi and micro air oxygen jets.”

Mary Jo Cook

“I have never had a better customer service experience than with this company. These are the 4th and 5th tubs we have ordered from them. Our first ones are still ticking after 18 years. They give marvelous customer service immediately. When our builder’s installer misplaced parts, they sent them Express Mail TWICE due to a mix up with no cost and no questions asked. They also helped via phone with questions and got everything running like clockwork. I definitely recommend this company and would order from them again and again.”

Christina Knoles

“Wonderful!!! Bought my tub through them and worked with the owner Ron who is so honest and caring. I recommend them if you want a very personalized perfectly fit tub for your bathroom.”


“I purchased the oval Zen tub a few months ago with regeneration system. I have never been happier with how much it helped me. My joints hurt less and I have less visits to the chiropractor. Definitely recommend this store. The staff is so knowledgeable and friendly.”


SILKY SKIN – Amazing how soft our skin is

“I LOVE MY TUB!!!!! It was worth the wait. It’s what I look forward to nightly to relax and jet any ache or pain away. Water theory is by far the best. You get what you pay for but I rather have the jet tub in my home than go to theory. I call it a medical expense that hold GREAT VALUE. Thanks Ron and Jenny. After using my tub for several months that not only has a fabulous. jet system but i also got the air filtration in the water FABULOUS FABULOUS FABULOUS that along with the enhance formula my skin has NEVER felt this soft to the touch. Its also good for any skin ailment dermatitis etc. This was by far my best investment its a chunk of change but what you get is priceless. I can’t rave enough about it. Just do it! You won’t regret it.”

Elaine Jacovini, Dip.H.Ir.
Holistic Iridologist