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2021 Price List PDF Hydro Massage Price List, effective 5-1-2021
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Drop in Brochure PDF A shorter version of our Product Brochure
Owner’s Manual & Installation Guide PDF Hydro Massage Products Baths
Back Massage Flyer PDF A flyer showing the benefits of Hydro Massage Jets on the Back.
Eco Bond Foam Insulation Flyer PDF A flyer describing this exclusive natural foam insulation.
EZ Clean Tile Flange Flyer PDF A flyer describing our EZ Clean Tile Flange.
Reflexology Foot Massage Flyer PDF A flyer showing all the trigger points on the foot.
Ultra Clean Plumbing Flyer PDF A flyer describing our unique Plumbing System.
Sales Terms and Conditions PDF Information concerning your purchase.
Warranty PDF Information concerning your purchase.
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Frequently Asked Questions


Hydro Massage tries to accommodate all requests, if the request is within engineering standards of the model.
Target highly sensitive points in the back, shoulders, and neck with a pulsating stream of water and air.
Produces a powerful stream of water and air that targets hip and leg areas.
Produces a medium stream of water and air that targets the back and arches of your feet.
They can be turned off at the jet by turning the outer ring of the jet.
This jet delivers a powerful pulsating massage that targets back, hips, legs, or feet. It is an optional jet that replaces the Ultra Flow jet.
This jet delivers a medium pressure pulsating massage to the back and feet. It is an optional jet that can replace the Micro Flow jet.
Yes, they are available on all whirlpool jets with the exception of the sole soothers.
GPM (gallons per minute) are a measurement of the amount of water that is moved by the pump through the jet.
PSI (Pounds per Square inch) refers to the pressure produced by the jets.


  • Air Silver has Classic Air System with air caps on the side wall.
  • Air Gold as EZ Clean flush air jets on the side wall.
  • Air Platinum has EZ Clean air jets on sidewall as well as the floor and back.
These jets deliver air out of 6 ports around the perimeter of the jet.
EZ Clean air jets are easier to clean and produces a powerful stream of air.
The in floor HTT air jets provide air massage directly to your legs and hips.
It provides soft tissue massage, with the air bubble growing larger as it moves toward the surface.
Air Platinum provides a full body massage for the back, legs and around the entire body. Gold and Silver Air Systems target different areas of the body.
The floor and perimeter air holes are more costly due to the installation process and cost of materials.


The difference is based on the type of hydrotherapy and the features of each package.
Hydro Gold and Combo Gold.
Yes, but every model is different and you must check with the factory first.
Our baths provide the best hydrotherapy on the market, contain more features, and offer more styles to choose from. We build our baths with superior materials and use better construction techniques which ensure a high quality bathtub.
It varies by Hydrotherapy series. Please refer to the specification book by model.
No, each needs to be on a separate electrical outlet.


Push the on/off button on the inside lip of the bath.
Control turns to each of the three speeds: H-High, M-Medium, L-Low.
You need a 115 volt 6FCI dedicated circuit.
hp referes to Motor Hydro Power rating.
No, it is a plug-in with ground.
A pump and blower will make some noise depending on the installation technique and room environment. Noise can be reduced with insulation around the walls not next to the tub.
The pumps and plumbing are normally within the perimeter of tub, but it could be up to 4” beyond the lip on select models.
The cord is 24” long.
The air blower can be installed remote up to 15 feet from the bath unit. The pump can only be installed at the factory in the standard or optional areas shown in the price spec book.
Code requires an access door available to access the pump(s). The access door must be large enough to enable the equipment to be removed from the bath. It is recommended to be a minimum of 18”x18”.


The inline heater automatically activates when the pump is turned on.
It maintains the temperature of the water that is placed in the bath. It will maintain heat to 104 degrees + or – 2 degrees.
No, it is a plug-in with ground plug.
It requires a 115-volt, 20 amp GFCI dedicated circuit.
The cord is 24” long.
In the plumbing system near the pump.


The Whisper Flo Heat System consists of a pump, insulation, and heating system which helps maintain water temperature, offsetting the cooling of the air blower.
Yes, the system helps maintain a consistent bathing temperature.
The intake and out-take fittings are on the side of the bath.
The fittings have to be centered on the bath.


The Hydro Clean sanitation system kills bacteria in the water.
It is 200 times more powerful than bleach. It only works when the system is operational. The system is all natural. It does not remove organic materials like makeup.
The sanitation system works automatically when the pump is turned on and off.
It has an indicator light on the unit by the pump.
In the plumbing system near the pump.
The sanitation system unit is tied into the plumbing system.


It prevents water from penetrating into the wall or sheet rock around the tub.
Not unless it is being installed into an alcove three-wall installation with tile installed down onto top lip of the bath.
The EZ Clean Dual Stage Flange is either molded into the bath or it is single stage chemically bonded by request.


To provide support and ease of installation.
The leveling feet go from ¼” to 2”.
Yes, however, the height of the bath will change from specs.


White, Biscuit, Bone, Polished Brass, Chrome, or Satin Nickel.
Yes, but it must get factory approval first.
One grab bar on most side-drain models, two grab bars on end-drain models.


Standard colors are White, Biscuit, Bone, and Almond. Lead times on standard colors is 10-12 days if color is in stock.
There is a 3-10 week lead time for designer colors.
Only those shown in the catalog.


Turn the neck massage valve on the side of the bath and this will increase or decrease the pressure out of the two neck jets.
Yes, or water will splash into the bath area.
The neck pillow comes in White or Biscuit.


Light can create specific emotional responses and enhance the bathing experience. It is called chromatherapy.
Push the air switch button and it turns on. Continue to push the button and it sequences through the lights.
Blue, Red and Clear.
The bulb can be replaced from the front. Remove the lens with the lens tool, remove the bulb, then replace bulb.


A bag of aromatherapy beads are placed into the aromatherapy canister and the fragrance is carried into the jets through the plumbing lines.
The canister is on the deck of the bath. Remove cap to place aromatherapy beads into the canister.
Put new bags of Scents into container.


Refer to specifications in price/spec book that is available on the web site.
Refer to specs downloadable on website.
Shown on the spec sheet. It is on the first spec drawing under Platinum model.
Yes, in most cases, it will need to be turned on its side and it will fit through a standard door opening of 30″-36”.
Refer to specification that shows the amount of available deck area. This will vary by design. Purchaser should also understand that plumbing may not fit on corners due to existing pump and plumbing configurations.
Normally the measurement is 1-1.5″ less than the length and width of the bath. We recommend all dimensions be taken off the tub when it arrives at job site. Template is available on all oval tubs.