Freight and shipping: All shipments are F.O.B. factory unless agreed otherwise. All shipments must be inspected for damage before signing for product. No credit will be issued for goods not inspected and noted on freight companies paperwork as damaged or broken. (see Delivery Instruction Form)

Warranty Responsibilities: The Company provides an express limited warranty to the consumer. For the specific provisions of the warranty, refer to the published warranty applicable to the particular product. The Distributor and Dealer are responsible for providing a copy of the applicable express limited warranty to users, installers, and contractors, at or before sale of each product, and obtaining evidence of receipt of the warranty by these persons. Distributor and Dealer each agree to include withing any contract for sale of Hydro Massage Products, and will require that any purchaser include within any contract whereby purchaser resells such product, the following terms:

In addition to the above, the Distributor and Dealer are responsible for communicating the procedure for resolving claims for warranty service to users, installers and contractors and shall:

  1. Promptly refer written and oral warranty claims by users and installers to an Authorized Customer Service Representative of the Company.
  2. Retrieve and exchange defective or damaged units when requested to do so by an Authorized Customer Service Representative of the Company.
  3. Return replaced units to the Company or destroy such units when instructed by an Authorized Customer Service Representative of the Company.

Shipment shortage: If a shortage is found at any time of delivery, the consignee should file his claim with the carrier, and ensure a notation is made on the freight bill noting the loss. The packing slip is enclosed to assist you in checking and receiving the merchandise.

Shipping damage: Hydro Massage Products will not be responsible for shipping damage. Product must be carefully examined at time of receipt to ensure it is damage free. Any damage discovered must be noted on the freight bill.

Returned goods: Merchandise may not be returned for any reason without prior written consent of Hydro Massage Products. Product returned for any reason other than our error will be subject to a 50% rehandling charge plus costs of labor and materials if returnable. Most items are special made to order and are non-returnable. Product returned must be shipped prepaid, otherwise shipment will be refused. A return goods authorization form must be obtained by Hydro Massage products.

Custom orders: All items made to order or and to customer’s specifications are non-returnable or subject to cancellation under any circumstances.

Cancellation, change orders and refund policy: No change or cancellation of an order will be accepted without prior written approval of the company. All items are made to order and most may not be cancelled. If production of an order has not been started a change may be made for $175.00 fee may apply. Some cancellations may be accepted if the product has standard features and can be resold.

Rush Orders: $495.00. Hydro Massage Products, LLC will attempt to ship an order place before 2:00 P.M. MST within 3 working days after the day the order has been placed. Extended lead times may occur. Contact the factory before committing to your customer. In the event we cannot meet the date, we will ship the product as soon as possible. We will not charge for the rush order, however, no compensation will be given.

Force Majeure: Any delay, failure to deliver, or breach by the Company due to fire, explosion, flood, riot, labor dispute, shortage, act of war, failure of supplier, carrier, accident, act of God, law, government or police act, order of restriction, or other event or circumstance beyond the Company’s reasonable control shall be excused.