When it comes to getting every thing you want in a new bathtub, deep soaking tubs represent the best of all worlds. You get the deep relaxation that comes with a soaking tub that allows you to soak your entire body, plus you get the health benefits that also come with that depth and soaking power.

You also get plenty of great design possibilities. Most deep soaking tubs are also freestanding tubs that can be placed anywhere in your bathroom, and you can get them in a wide array of materials. You can use a soaking bathtub as the centerpiece of your design, or you can use a soaking bathtub to augment whatever look you’ve chosen.

Regardless of the design, the power of a soaking bathtub comes with the daily usage and the relaxation and health improvements they provide, so let’s take a tour through those to give you an idea of what to expect.

What Does Deep Soaking Bathtub Means and How Many Inches Deep Does It Have to Be?

To add a deep soaking tub to your bathroom, you’ll need to do some precise measurements, so let’s use those as a springboard to do a definition of a deep soaking tub.

Basically, it’s mostly all about the depth. Soaking tubs are oval shaped, usually with at least 19 inches of depth. You can get them deeper as well, and you can even get products like a Japanese soaking tub for 2.

Health Benefits of a Deep Tub Soaking: Is a Deeper Bath Better?

A deep soaking tub can enhance many of the basic health benefits that come with extended baths in special tubs designed to provide them. Here’s a list of the benefits you can expect to get:

  • Basic muscle pain relief. Whether you’re sitting a lot as part of your job or working out hard after you’ve handled that job, there’s a good chance you experience occasional back and neck pain. Deep soaking tubs represent an especially good option when it comes to addressing this pain, in part because the added depth means the hot water can reach the upper parts of your body that are difficult to get it in tubs that aren’t as deep.
  • Improved circulation. Blood circulation can be an ongoing issue for many people, whether it’s due to illness or injury, exposure to the cold or special medical conditions like Reynaud’s syndrome. A 30-40 minute session in a deep soaking tub is a great way to help your blood vessels relax and restore circulation.
  • Skin benefits. Many people don’t realize that your skin is an organ that’s designed to help protect you from both the elements and toxins. Deep soaking tubs are especially beneficial for your skin because they help open your pores to eliminate dirt and oils, and there’s anecdotal evidence that they help stimulate your liver, kidneys, lungs and colon in a way that promotes detoxification.
  • Relief from arthritis pain and autoimmune-related issues. Arthritis is a common problem among the general population, and it’s especially debilitating for the elderly. Deep soaking tubs can help alleviate it, and some physical therapists use deep soaking tubs as part of their medical treatments for arthritis pain, autoimmune diseases and issues related to inflammation.

Relaxation Benefits of a Deep Soaking Bath

The relaxation that comes with a deep soaking bath may sound indulgent–and that’s because it is! It’s a unique form of relaxation that can’t be duplicated by any other kind of tub.

That kind of relaxation goes beyond the obvious health benefits, which include reducing pain and inflammation. That kind of deep submergence in water can calm the nervous system as well, which can reduce both stress levels and anxiety.

Given the current emphasis on mental health and self care, that kind of relaxation becomes even more important. Regular baths in a deep soaking tub can have an additive effect, which makes this kind of tub even more attractive.

Deep soaking tubs can also help you sleep better. Many people have sleep issues because of the amount of screen time we tend to put in, but a pre-bedtime session in a deep soaking tub can help relax you enough to make falling asleep a virtual non-issue.

Combo Deep and More Inches Long: A Japanese Soaking Tub For 2

Many people who are interested in a deep soaking tub don’t realize the tradition behind it, which is both lengthy and impressive. The Japanese are commonly credited with starting it, and they called their traditional deep soaking baths “Ofuro.”

The term refers to the deep sides in these kinds of tubs, which can be found throughout Japan, and many contemporary models have added an ergonomic design in the seat structure as well.

Another Soaking Tub Shower Possibility: Add a Circular Shower to a Bathtub Shower Combination

One of the health benefits associated with deep soaking tubs is relaxation, and the design possibilities that come with getting a deep soaking tub are an essential part of that.

There are several ways you can turn your bathroom into a cross between an oasis and a home spa by adding a deep soaking tub, and one of the best ones is by adding a shower to a deep soaking tub.

It gives you versatility and luxury when it comes to your bathing choices, and the design feel can be as unique as you want to make it. You can even get a circular shower to enhance the effect to go with a vintage look create an alcove or explore any number of other possibilities.

Use Hydro Massage to Get a Deep Soaking Bathtub

Jacuzzi tubs can be a great way to get a wide array of potential health benefits, and at Hydro Massage, we offer the kinds of products that can meet your needs. We’re not medical experts, of course, but we can assess your situation and help you get a great product.

To find out more, call us at (303) 356-7427, and you can also visit us at hydromassageproducts.com, where you can do a live chat to talk specifics when it comes to jacuzzis. We also have some great videos and blog posts that will fill you in on how they work, what they cost and how to realize these individual health benefits.