Heated Oxygen Soak HydrotherapyIntroducing the new ReVive Heated Oxygen Hydrotherapy bath — the next generation in at-home wellness and skincare. ReVive blends hydrotherapy with oxygen therapy for skin rejuvenation and total body wellness. Exposure to oxygen-rich heated bathwater helps increase vitality, delivers intense skin hydration, promotes anti-aging, relieves stress, and augments the immune system.

Combine the proven benefits of heated hydrotherapy and oxygen soaking to achieve an unparalleled at-home spa experience with ReVive.

What Is Heated Oxygen Hydrotherapy

Heated Oxygen Soak HydrotherapyHeated oxygen hydrotherapy uses thermal heat, oxygen, and hydrotherapy together in one soothing and relaxing bathing experience. Traditionally, bathing has been considered a beneficial practice, helping to soften tight tissues and muscles and release overall tension and stress. The Ancient Greeks and Romans first introduced public bathhouses, which are today’s spas and wellness centers. Since then, the practice of bathing has maintained its roots as a therapeutic regime. Thanks to technology, the overall experience of hydrotherapy has truly enhanced.

Bathing is not only a daily ritual for cleanliness and hygiene, it is also considered an essential form of self-care that can address certain conditions and symptoms and optimize well-being. Today, we use the term hydrotherapy to describe using bathing as a therapeutic treatment for different conditions, whether that’s chronic pain due to arthritis or fibromyalgia, or skin conditions, like eczema or psoriasis. Hydrotherapy is a safe and effective way to alleviate pain, boost circulation, and promote deeper relaxation.

With the addition of oxygen infusion, hydrotherapy is even more enhanced, providing a revitalizing, anti-aging, and immune-boosting therapeutic experience called oxygen hydrotherapy.

Oxygen hydrotherapy is a therapeutic at-home bath that delivers bursts of oxygen nanobubbles, gradually infusing the bathwater with these powerful molecules. As the oxygen molecules fill the tub, they saturate your skin with intense moisturizing and hydration benefits. Oxygen-soak tubs deliver a much higher concentration of oxygen compared to regular bathtubs or even conventional whirlpool or jetted tubs.

In an oxygen hydrotherapy bathtub, the pressurized system controls the release of oxygen, keeping it consistent throughout your soak. The ongoing delivery of oxygen bubbles helps to maintain a consistent bathing temperature, thanks to the thermal energy released from the oxygen molecules. Soaking in warm, oxygen-rich bathwater is a luxurious at-home spa experience that can only be achieved with specialized heated oxygen hydrotherapy baths, like ReVive oxygen soak hydrotherapy. Oxygen-infused bathing truly is the next step in skincare, rejuvenation, and at-home spa wellness.

Benefits of Heated Oxygen Soak Hydrotherapy

Heated oxygen soak hydrotherapy provides benefits for the mind, body, and spirit. The thermal heat combined with the oxygen-rich water stimulates the body’s circulatory systems, increasing your body’s ability to absorb more oxygen.

Spending time in the Revive oxygen hydrotherapy tub helps provide the following nourishing benefits:

  • Enhances vitality and youthful energy
  • Rejuvenates the skin and promotes moisture-retention
  • Promotes deep relaxation to melt away tension
  • Detoxifies the body’s internal systems for greater longevity
  • Stimulates the body’s immune system

Let’s explore more deeply how heated oxygen hydrotherapy can improve your physical and mental well-being.

1. Boosts Energy

An oxygen infused hydrotherapy bathing experience is a holistic way to boost energy levels and enhance overall vitality. Oxygen is an essential molecule for promoting greater metabolism — the body’s ability to burn calories and produce energy. Increased exposure to oxygen, combined with the thermal heat of warm bathwater, stimulates the metabolic process, effectively enhancing energy levels.

Increased oxygenation and heat also impact our bodies’ circulatory systems — the blood and lungs. The heat helps to dilate blood vessels, allowing our circulatory systems to receive greater doses of oxygen. With increased oxygen, the blood vessels and lungs work more efficiently, delivering a higher volume of key nutrients to our organs and tissues. With greater circulatory  flow throughout your body, a natural increase in vitality, alertness & mood can occur.

For aging adults, oxygen hydrotherapy may help restore lost circulation and stamina.

As we age, our bodies change in ways that lower our oxygen levels. The lungs and supporting organs and tissues become weaker, constricting airflow. Changes in the immune and nervous systems also reduce oxygen and restrict blood circulation, resulting in more episodes of fatigue or shortness of breath. These changes contribute to an overall sense of diminished vitality.

Though a loss in energy may seem like a natural part of aging, it doesn’t have to be. Soaking in a heated oxygen hydrotherapy bath is a great way for aging adults help to revive their sense of youthfulness they may not have known they’d lost. Soaking in a warm, oxygen-rich bath can give you the morning lift you need to start your day feeling refreshed and alive.

2. Revitalizes Skin

Heated Oxygen Soak HydrotherapyWith the ReVive oxygen hydrotherapy soaker tub, can help you achieve a glowing complexion thanks to the many benefits of oxygen for skin. As the ReVive bathtub releases its burst of nanobubbles, the tub cradles your body in oxygen-rich, warm water, with oxygen molecules penetrating your pores.

The gentle oxygen soak provides light exfoliation, washing away old, dead skin and revealing a fresh and healthy dermal layer.

Additionally, oxygen-infused bathing is a natural way to help improve your skin’s hydration. As your pores feel the high concentration of oxygen, your skin can retain the additional moisture, leaving you feeling hydrated and refreshed. In fact, users of the ReVive hydrotherapy bath report they feel an improvement in their skin’s hydration. They notice it provides moisturizing effects that linger even after bath time. Users also claim that their skin’s smoothness was enhanced after their heated oxygen soak. In a survey, 90 percent of users of the ReVive oxygen hydrotherapy bath said they’d recommend it to a friend or family member.

As a further skin rejuvenation benefit, the heated oxygen hydrotherapy bath also helps to promote circulation within the skin’s tissues, stimulating collagen production to help improve skin’s elasticity. With greater collagen, your skin will naturally undergo a plumping effect to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

For those who suffer from chronic skin conditions, oxygen hydrotherapy may help to manage symptoms and improve skin’s appearance. Conditions like psoriasis and eczema can benefit from warm baths and oxygen exposure. Both psoriasis and eczema worsen when the skin is depleted of its natural moisture levels, causing dry, itchy, and even painful skin. Because oxygen hydrotherapy helps promote deep hydration, bathing in an oxygen-infused bath can be a safe, natural therapy for people with inflammatory skin conditions & pain.

3. Alleviates Stress

Heated Oxygen Soak HydrotherapyAs an increasing number of people report higher-than-ever stress levels, there’s never been a more critical time to start a self-care practice. Bathing is one of the most well-known and loved forms of relaxation.

With a heated oxygen hydrotherapy tub, not only do you benefit from the thermal heat of the warm water, but you may also benefit from intense oxygen exposure for even deeper relaxation.

The warm bathwater and the thermal heat released from the oxygen bubbles work to penetrate deep into your tissues and muscles, promoting tension-relief. And with the boost in circulation you get from heated oxygen bathing, you may also experience a better mood thanks to a serotonin release. As you start to feel your mood improve, your stress will begin to melt away. Taking time for an oxygen hydrotherapy soak before bed can also improve your sleep quality and help you to wake up feeling more refreshed.

In addition to the mental benefits of heated oxygen hydrotherapy, bathing may also have physiological benefits too. A 2018 study by Japanese researchers found that adults between 60-76 years old who took warm baths five or more times per week had better cardiovascular health, including lower blood pressure and overall better circulatory system health. Because heated oxygen hydrotherapy infusion further promotes circulation, adults with high blood pressure and significant stress levels may benefit from regular heated oxygen hydrotherapy baths.

4. Promotes Anti-Aging

Heated Oxygen Soak HydrotherapyMaintain a youthful appearance and feel younger with heated oxygen hydrotherapy. Self-care practices, like oxygen-infused bathing, can help reverse the signs of aging. Exposure to a high dose of oxygen is essential to maintaining healthy function at a cellular level. Oxygen reduces the number of free radicals in the body — molecules responsible for aging and disease. Free radicals are atoms that have split away from oxygen molecules as unpaired electrons. When broken free, they “scavenge” the body in search of electrons to pair with, and in the process, cause damage to cells and DNA, leading to aging and disease.

The more free radicals scavenging the body, the more at-risk of damage our cells become. Free radical damage is particularly detrimental to health when it affects not only our skin cells, but our neurons as well, leading to neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s. We can neutralize free radicals by introducing substances that are negatively charged and can pair with free radicals to restabilize them. Heated oxygen hydrotherapy introducer negative ions into the body to counteract free radicals and help prevent disease and aging.

Another way that oxygen contributes to disease prevention and anti-aging is through the repair of tissues and cells in various organs, including the digestive tract. Because of the brain-gut axis — the link between our digestive health and our central nervous system — it’s critical to have a healthy gut microbiome, which is the collection of bacteria that help to repair the gut and keep it in a state of homeostasis. Research shows that a healthy oxygen balance in the gut is essential for maintaining harmony in the digestive tract. Oxygen-infused hydrotherapy bathing may increase the amount of oxygen absorbed into the body, which may help to preserve digestive health.

Take control of your health and prevent aging and disease by giving your body the oxygen exposure it needs to thrive.

5. Improves Immune Function

Soaking in a heated oxygen hydrotherapy bath is also an immune-boosting therapy. Oxygen helps to prevent the growth of microbes — wherever there is oxygen, germs cannot thrive. Research has shown that oxygen can attack bacteria and prevent it from cultivating — especially in environments with extremely high concentrations of oxygen, a revive oxygen hydrotherapy bath can increase oxygen levels up to 70%.

Bathing in an oxygen-infused bath may help reduce or prevent bacterial infections.

The heightened exposure to oxygen in an oxygen hydrotherapy bath can also help strengthen immune system cells, which require energy from oxygen to thrive. The healthier our immune cells are, the more we’re able to detoxify our bodies, especially through the skin — the body’s largest natural filter. And because your circulation can improve while soaking in a heated oxygen hydrotherapy bathtub, your healthy immune cells can move more freely throughout your body, enhancing their ability to defend against disease.

Taking care of your immune system is especially important for aging adults, who tend to have weaker immune systems. Older adults may be more susceptible to superbugs and other complications due to lowered immune responses. Today, many bacteria have become resistant to antibiotics, putting some groups of people at greater risk of infection.

Immune function is also affected by stress levels. When we’re stressed, our bodies release cortisol, putting our nervous systems into fight-or-flight mode. While in a stress response, our bodies shut down non-essential functions, including the immune system. If you feel chronically stressed, it could be compromising your body’s ability to defend itself from illness and infection. heated oxygen hydrotherapy can induce a relaxation response, thereby alleviating stress and promoting healthy immune function.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle, including proper self-care, is vital, as it contributes to your overall well-being and ability to stay healthy. Practicing regular immune-boosting self-care with the ReVive oxygen hydrotherapy bath can contribute to better immune function and detoxification.

How Oxygen Soak Baths Work

An oxygen soak bath is a therapeutic tub that releases millions of oxygen infused nanobubbles into the bathwater through a clean and hygienic pressurized system.

As the stream of bubbles is released, it implodes into a cloud of highly concentrated oxygen. During the implosion, the oxygen molecules release thermal heat, which gets distributed evenly throughout the bathwater and your body.

In a normal bathing experience, you’ll notice the water’s warmth subsides the longer you stay in the tub. With an oxygen-infused bath, the oxygen-rich bubbles continue releasing heat energy, maintaining the water’s warmth throughout the duration of your bath. Rather than having to continue to run hot water during your bath to help maintain its heat, you can simply relax and enjoy the blanket of warmth delivered by the oxygen bubbles. And because your bath can remain at a consistent temperature the entire time, you’ll continue to feel the effect of the heat even after you leave the tub.

An oxygen-soak bath helps create a clean oxygen environment, meaning there’s no need for soap or cleansing as you bathe. The natural hygienic experience helps leave you feeling clean and refreshed. Because the tiny bubbles are smaller than your skin’s pores, they can penetrate deeper into your dermal layers, which helps provide a smooth, hydrated complexion and a long-lasting feeling of warmth and relaxation — perfect for a pre-bedtime ritual.

Enhance Your Oxygen Hydrotherapy Bath

Take your oxygen hydrotherapy bathing experience to the next level with spa enhancements for deeper relaxation. Hydro Massage offers accessories and systems that you can add to your bathtub to heighten your senses and promote greater health benefits.

One of the most beneficial bathtub systems you can add to your oxygen hydrotherapy spa is enhance Bath and Skin Conditioner. It is an all-natural ocean enzyme bath product that softens and smooths skin while helping maintain a cleaner bathtub. By infusing your oxygen hydrotherapy bathtub with Enhance Bath and Skin Conditioner you can further revitalize your skin and relax into tranquil bliss.

You can also ensure a clean and pure bathing experience with Hydro Cleanse. As a healthy cleansing product, Hydro Cleanse helps remove body oils, fragrances and soap residue for a fresher, cleaner tub.

Learn more about bathtub accessories to enhance your oxygen bathing experience.

ReVive Yourself at Home With Heated Oxygen Hydrotherapy

Oxygen hydrotherapy bathing is a rejuvenating self-care practice for the mind, body, and spirit. With benefits for vitality, skincare, anti-aging, stress-reduction, and longevity; oxygen-infused hydrotherapy baths can help you feel refreshed and revitalized every day. All these benefits can be yours, at home, with the ReVive heated oxygen soak bath from Hydro Massage.

The ReVive bathtub uses a quiet oxygen release system that emits less sound than a traditional whirlpool or jetted tub, allowing for a more tranquil and peaceful bathing experience.

Because oxygen (O3) is a natural antimicrobial, you can rest assured that your ReVive bath will help provide a much cleaner bathing experience with a reduced risk of bacterial buildup. Your skin will feel fresh and hydrated thanks to the intense oxygen delivery. You’ll also be able to enjoy your bathing experience for as long as you’d like. The ReVive oxygen soak bath disperses thermal energy throughout the bathwater helping maintain a long-lasting warmth.

Customize your ReVive bathing experience with our extensive selection of design options and accessories. Contact one of our bath design specialists today to get started on a free design consultation of your dream oxygen hydrotherapy bath.