There are many ways to get true luxury in your bathroom, and alcove jetted tubs are one of the best. They give your bathroom a great, unique look, and they provide a number of health benefits as well.

They’re so great looking that you’ll want to set them off and feature them in your bathroom, which is where alcoves come in.

An alcove jetted bathtub is quite different from a soaking bathtub, a jacuzzi, or a tub primarily used for hydrotherapy, so let’s look at some of the benefits and what’s involved in selecting one and designing an alcove for it.

Health Benefits from Water Jets In Jetted Tubs

Let’s start with the health benefits. They’re diverse and powerful, and what follows is only a partial list:

o Relaxation to reduce stress and improve mental health. Stress is a major issue for many people, and those who suffer debilitating health effects due to stress are looking especially hard for ways to deal with it.

Alcove jetted bathtubs are an excellent way to combat stress, especially if they’re in a secluded, well-designed alcove. It’s the ultimate environment for stress reduction, and a powerful combination as well.

o Pain relief. Next up on the list of health benefits from a jetted tub is pain relief. This can run the gamut, from workout warriors and athletes who have overdone it a bit to arthritis sufferers who literally rely on jetted tubs to maintain their daily heath and mobility.

Once again, adding an alcove environment to the equation only increases the benefits. Stress relief helps lower pain for most issues, and an alcove is just what the doctor ordered for that part of pain relief.

o Improved sleep. Sleep hygiene is an important subject these days, especially with all the screen time so many of us are logging on a daily bases. A soak in a jetted tub in an oasis of a bathroom alcove is one of the best ways to increase your chances of getting a good night’s sleep.

What it an Alcove Jetted Tub?

Now that we’ve covered the health benefits of a jetted tub, let’s talk about the bathroom alcove you’ll use to set it off.

First off, let’s define an alcove in this context. Specifically, an alcove is a recessed space in a pall, and they’re used beyond the bathroom, of course. They can be used to feature art, sculptures, or even special furniture like pianos.

In a bathroom, there are certain design rules and guidelines that you can use to help you get the right design look. They’re typically used in long, thin bathrooms as a way to add a shower, a jetted tub or even a jetted tub and shower combination.

How to Add the Jetted Tub to Your Alcove

The most common way to add the tub or shower is to cut the space for the specific item in the bathroom wall. It’s important to take plumbing issues into account when you do this, and it’s important to pick the right kind of jetted tub.

You can always get what you want, however. That includes whirlpool freestanding jetted tubs, soaking tubs or any other kind of tub you want.

The only limitations are the plumbing, the structure of the space and your budget. If you have the budget to get a specific look, you should go ahead and spend to get it. The rewards will make you glad you did.

Materials for Your Alcove Jetted Tub

Once again, the sky’s the limit when it comes to the materials you use for the jetted tub in your alcove. Here are some of the possibilities:

o Acrylics. The benefit of using acrylic materials for your jetted tub is that they’re versatile, and they tend to last longer than fiberglass tubs.

They also offer an impressive array of color choices, which means you can make your jetted tub alcove a bright space, or you can vary the mood by using custom lighting.

o Stone or Cast Iron. At the other end of the budget spectrum, a stone or cast iron jetted tub is a way to make your alcove jetted tub look truly spectacular. You’ll have to spend some extra money to do it, but both the materials and the pristine design effect will last a lifetime.

Design Possibilities For Your Alcove Jetted Tub

As you can see, there are many design possibilities for your alcove jetted tub, but there are a couple of others we should mention.

Get a Vintage Look for Your Alcove Jetted Tub

Some people fall in love with vintage looks, and there are even those who like to mimic the bathroom designs of certain historical periods. It’s an elegant way to relax with your jetted tub, and there’s nothing like having an alcove with a spectacularly unique appearance.

Using a Rustic Design for Your Alcove Jetted Tub

If you love a rustic design in the rest of your home, why not get it in your alcove with a jetted tub? It’s not as hard as it sounds—you can use custom towel warmers, plants or specific decor ornaments hung from the walls.

You’ll smile every time you enter this kind of space because it will relax you, and the jetted tub will enhance the feeling of relaxation that can enhance your mental health and well being.

Alcove Jetted Tubs vs Skirted Tubs

Another common design question that comes into play with an alcove jetted tub is the difference between an alcove tub and a skirted tub.

An alcove tub is made to fit into a space that’s joined by three different walls. A skirted bathroom tub, meanwhile,  is designed to present differently with one side that’s completely open.

Use an Alcove Jetted Bathtub from Hydro Message to Increase Your Health and Well Being

Adding an alcove jetted tub to your bathroom is a great way to add luxury and make your space feel truly unique, and at Hydro Massage, we have the products and design knowledge to help you get there. We can help you plan your space, select the right jetted tub, and get a quality install that will meet your needs for years.

To find out more, call us at (303) 356-7427, and you can also visit us at, where you can do a live chat to talk specifics when it comes to alcove jetted tubs. We also have some great videos and blog posts that will fill you in on how the design and selection process works, so be sure to take advantage of those as well.


What is an alcove jetted bathtub?

An alcove jetted bathtub is a type of bathtub that is recessed into a wall or space. Unlike a traditional bathtub, it uses water jets to provide a relaxing and therapeutic bathing experience. It’s distinct from other types of bathtubs like a soaking bathtub, a jacuzzi bathtub, or a tub primarily used for hydrotherapy.

What are the health benefits of using an alcove jetted tub?

Alcove jetted tubs offer several health benefits including stress reduction, pain relief, and improved sleep. The jetted whirlpool effect helps in muscle relaxation and pain relief which can be especially beneficial for athletes and those suffering from arthritis. Furthermore, the relaxation and stress relief provided can lead to improved sleep quality.

How can I add an alcove jetted tub to my bathroom?

Adding an alcove jetted tub typically involves cutting space in the bathroom wall for the specific tub. It’s important to consider plumbing and structural aspects while planning this. You can choose from various types of tubs such as a whirlpool freestanding jetted tub, soaking tub, or any other kind of tub as per your preference and budget.

What materials can be used for an alcove jetted tub?

You have a wide range of choices when it comes to materials for your alcove jetted tub. Acrylic tubs are versatile, durable, and come in various color choices. For a more premium look, you can opt for a stone or cast iron jetted tub, which is durable and provides a timeless aesthetic.

What are the design possibilities for an alcove jetted tub?

You can achieve multiple design looks for your alcove jetted tub. For instance, a vintage look can add a touch of elegance to your bathroom, or a rustic design can give a cozy and comfortable feel. The alcove can be decorated with custom towel warmers, plants, or specific decor ornaments to complement the chosen design.

What’s the difference between an alcove tub and a skirted tub?

An alcove tub is designed to fit into a space surrounded by three different walls while a skirted bathroom tub presents with one side that’s completely open.

How can I buy an alcove jetted bathtub from Hydro Massage?

You can contact Hydro Massage via phone at (303) 356-7427, or visit their website for more information. You can also use the live chat feature on their website to talk specifics about alcove jetted tubs. They have videos and blog posts available to guide you through the design and selection process.

What is the difference between a jacuzzi and a jetted tub?

Jacuzzi is a brand name often used to describe hot tubs with water jets, while a jetted tub is a more general term for any tub that uses jets of water for massage purposes. An alcove jetted tub or alcove jacuzzi bathtub refers to a tub with water jets that’s installed within an alcove in the bathroom.

Can an alcove whirlpool tub be used for hydrotherapy?

Yes, an alcove whirlpool tub or a jetted bathtub can be used for hydrotherapy. The water jets provide a therapeutic effect, aiding in pain relief, stress reduction, and overall relaxation. It’s like having a personal spa in your bathroom.

Is an alcove jetted tub the same as a whirlpool tub?

In essence, yes. Both an alcove jetted tub and a whirlpool tub refer to tubs that use jets to create a therapeutic water flow. However, an alcove jetted tub refers specifically to a jetted tub installed within an alcove.

What maintenance is required for an alcove jetted bathtub?

Like all bathtubs, alcove jetted tubs need regular cleaning to maintain hygiene and performance. Special attention should be given to cleaning the water jets to prevent buildup. Specific maintenance requirements may vary depending on the material and manufacturer’s recommendations.

Can I use any type of bath products in a jetted tub?

While you can use most bath products in a jetted tub, some products can cause excessive bubbles or could potentially harm the jets. It’s always best to check the manufacturer’s recommendations before using bath oils, salts, or bubble baths in your alcove jetted whirlpool tub.

How much space do I need for an alcove whirlpool bathtub?

The required space will depend on the size of the alcove whirlpool bathtub you select. Typically, alcove tubs fit well in long, narrow bathrooms. You should consider the space needed for plumbing and installation, as well as the additional space you might need for the alcove.

Can I install an alcove jetted tub myself?

While it is possible to install an alcove jetted bathtub yourself, it’s generally recommended to hire a professional. The installation process can be complex and involves plumbing and potentially electrical work.

What should I consider while selecting an alcove jetted tub?

You should consider your bathroom’s dimensions, the size and style of the tub, the material, and your budget. Additionally, consider the health benefits you want to derive from the tub, such as stress relief, pain relief, or improved sleep.

Can an alcove jetted tub be used by children or older adults?

Yes, an alcove jetted tub can be used by people of all ages. However, for safety reasons, children should always be supervised when using the tub, and older adults may need assistance entering and exiting the tub.

Does an alcove jetted tub use more water than a regular bathtub?

An alcove jetted tub may use more water than a regular bathtub due to the need to cover the water jets. However, the exact amount can vary based on the size and design of the tub.

What is the lifespan of an alcove jetted tub?

The lifespan of an alcove jetted tub can vary widely depending on the material, quality, and maintenance. However, with proper care and regular maintenance, most jetted tubs can last for many years.

Can I add shower functionality to my alcove jetted tub?

Yes, it’s common to add a shower to an alcove jetted tub, particularly in long, narrow bathrooms. This provides the benefits of a jetted tub and the convenience of a shower in the same space.

How does a Hydro Massage alcove jetted bathtub differ from other brands?

Hydro Massage is known for its range of high-quality products and expert design knowledge. They can help you plan your space, select the right jetted tub, and provide quality installation to meet your needs for years. You can also access resources like videos and blog posts to understand the design and selection process.