Combination Massage Series

Nothing you’ve ever experienced can match the sensation of air and water working together to remove tension and stress from your body. Powerful air jets target your stress zones, causing your worries to bubble away. Meanwhile, soothing water jets pulse over your body, erasing any memory of aches, pain or anxiety that you’re feeling. The modern lifestyle is one of constant sensory overload; it’s time you unburdened yourself with one of our Combination Massage Series baths. Choose from our modern whirlpool tubs below or give us a call to discuss custom options.

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total air and water jets40 side drain, 33 end drain3021
back massage jets7 single person, 14 2 person tub63
neck massage jetsyesyesno
sole soother jetsyesyesno
ultra flow hydro jets444 and 2 microflow
classic air jets181812
pump3.25 hp (2) or 2.25 hp 3 speed3.25 hp (2) or 2.25 hp 3 speed2.25 hp single speed
quiet pad anti- vibration mountedyesyesyes
heaterstainless steel electricstainless steel electricelectric heater
warm back resting zoneyesyesno
air massage controlsvariable speedvariable speedon/off only
hydro massage controls2 button, 3 speed with digital temperature readout2 button, 3 speedon/off only
neck massage controlsyesnono
automatic purge & dry controlyesyesyes
hydroclean water purityyesyesyes
grab barsyes, 1 for side drains, 2 for end drainsnono
lighting systemchromatherapy with 7 colorschromatherapy with 7 colorsnone
aromatherapy systemyesnono
drain typedeluxe cable draindeluxe cable drainlift & turn drain
pillowdeluxe cushion pillow for 2 persondeluxe cushion pillownone
ez level system (skirted type bath)yes, base & legsyes- base & legsyes- legs
ultra clean plumbingyesyesyes
30 point assurance factory testyesyesyes