Choosing the right jetted tub for your bathroom and your specific needs can be a lot more complicated than it looks. There are important decisions to make involving your plumbing and the water it will need to handle, sizing a freestanding tub properly, selecting the style and materials, picking the kind of jets you want, and so on.

Most smart shoppers decide not to go it alone when it comes to the shopping process. They look for a great company with an established reputation and a full line of products, and they want experts who can give them the right information to make the best possible choice.

Many of them turn to Hydro Massage. We’ve been satisfying our customers with great jetted tubs for years, and we know the products inside out. We’ve got great experts and stellar reviews to prove our expertise, but we’re not about humble bragging. Instead, we’ll offer you a guide to what to look for in your jetted tub company, and once you’ve read the criteria we’ll give you the information you need to check us out and get the jetted tub of your dreams.

Jetted Bathtubs and Whirlpool Tubs: Getting the Right Tub for Your Needs

The first step in choosing a jetted tub company is about knowing what you want. If you have a solid idea of what kind of tub you want, you can focus on companies that offer high-quality products, as opposed to those companies that take a “many sizes fit all” approach to selling jetted tubs.

If you’re coming into the buying process with a short list of possibilities, look for a company that focuses on your needs and priorities, not theirs.

There are plenty of companies that offer a lot of products, but some offer discount tubs that aren’t built to last, so that’s something you definitely need to watch out for as you go through the shopping process

Installation for Free Standing and Jetted Tubs

Does the company you’re evaluating do installations? Do they work with professional installers, or do they have their own on staff? And how do they handle plumbing-related issue when they come up?

It’s important to go beyond the basics when you ask these questions. Ask about specific installations—high end, bargain or discount jetted tubs, custom, large bathrooms, small ones and so on.

Hold off on telling them about your situation during this part of the installation process, and make sure you get the right answers when it comes to the specifics of your installation before you go ahead and commit.

Online Reviews

Checking out the online reviews is always a good idea, of course. You’re looking for great products and excellent customer service, and you can also compare the installation of prior customers to your installations if there are any specifics that are significant.

When you check those reviews, see who their customer base is, and whether they’re selling a broad range of products or whether they’re more specialized.

As a general rule, you want to avoid the discount companies that are selling cheap tubs, especially if you don’t see a lot of high-end quality products among their offerings.

Know Your Jetted Tubs

You’re going to run into a fair amount of specialized terminology when you buy a jetted tub, so make sure you select a company that presents it simply and efficiently. Also, any questions you ask should be answered with the same approach, and your company should be willing to go the extra mile to get what you want.

While the terminology associated with jetted tub can be exotic or arcane as an aggregate, it is fairly easy to simplify it by breaking it down into categories.

The better companies offer buyer’s guides that help customers do this, then offer follow-up and make themselves available for the inevitable questions that have to be handled.

Finally, there’s a certain amount of handholding that sometimes goes into buying a jetted tub, especially if it’s a luxury purchase. The company you choose should we willing and ready to do this, and you shouldn’t be hit with a hard sell approach at any point in the process.

Get A Great Price for Your Jetted Freestanding Tub

There are several price points for jetted tubs, and the best companies cover a wide range of price points and know their customers in each one. Prices start in the low four-figure range, then extend upward to luxury models that run into five figures.

Budget buyers tend to know what they want, and they want a company that will pay attention to their financial needs, including the terms of payment.

Buyers in the middle lane are open to adjustments, and while they’re willing to be talked into upgrades, they want this to happen slowly and have the process be under their control

Luxury buyers are a different category. They may not be as cost conscious, but the companies that serve them best should be. One sign of a good company is one that emphasizes quality over adding luxury features that may not be

How Long Has the Jetted or Soaking Tub Company Been in Business?

Warranty and Free Shipping

Installing and maintaining a jetted tub is a complicated process, so make sure you pay plenty of attention to the warranty. The first thing to look for is the length of the warranty—the good ones cover several years, while the lesser ones last a year or less.

The next factor to evaluate is what’s covered. Bare-bones warranties cover the tub for materials and/or workmanship. Make sure you’re getting coverage for the motor or pump if it’s within your budget, as replacement can be an expensive fix.

Finally, make sure you can understand the language of the warranty. It shouldn’t be in legalese, and if there are terms and conditions you don’t understand, get them clarified.

Make sure the warranty covers issues caused by an improper installation, and make sure all parts of the tub are covered. You shouldn’t see any exclusions that don’t make sense, so make sure you come away from the warranty with a comprehensive understanding of what you’re getting.   

Hydro Massage is an Industry Leader When it Comes to Getting the Best Jetted or Soaking Tub

At Hydro Massage, we stand by our reputation as the company that provides America’s best jetted tubs—guaranteed! Whether you’re a first-time buyer on a budget or a luxury purchaser looking to do a jetted tub upgrade, we’ll make sure you get a great product, excellent customer support, a smooth installation and years of enjoyment.

To find out more, call us at (303) 356-7427, and you can also visit us at, where you can do a live chat to talk about our products, our approach and how we do business. We also have some great videos and blog posts that will fill you in on our products, the specifics of getting the right one for your needs, and all the information you need related to those products.